System Evaluation

Radon System Evaluation in Pennsylvania

Visual Inspection & Radon System Diagnosis

Not every radon system is created equal. Some were installed years before any guidelines regarding radon mitigation were established. And unfortunately many others are installed improperly and just don’t adhere to the current standards. Airotox provides radon system evaluations for residential and commercial properties in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Have Your Radon System
Evaluated By Professionals

A radon test does not in itself determine whether a radon system is operating correctly. It would be best to have your radon system evaluated by professionals to ensure your remediation system is up to par with existing standards and is in proper working condition. 

Our Process

  1. Visual Evaluation: We provide a visual system evaluation on-site, to gather any and all available information, i.e., age of system/fan, installer name and contact, warranty information, type of system, and whether it adheres to the currently established standards. All gathered information will be verbally related to you or summarized in writing if requested. Additionally, we can answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.
  1. Hands-On Evaluation: Additionally, a slightly more invasive step can be conducted simultaneously which involves measuring the effective vacuum of the system on the associated areas. This method involves drilling small test holes through the concrete and is the best way to determine the overall impact of the radon system as designed. Again, all gathered information will be verbally related to you or summarized in writing if requested. The certified technician will also address any concerns or recommendations to improve your radon system’s performance, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Why You Should Have Your Radon
System Evaluated

Neither a test nor an evaluation can solely determine whether your radon system is effective.  Both provide valuable information. Radon is not often at the forefront of our minds but often the majority of our time is spent at home or work where radon exposure is most prevalent. Radon exposure is a continuous threat that requires a continuous solution. A radon fan is required to run 24/7, so a dependable radon system is imperative to keeping your family or employees safe.

If your radon system or fan is more than five years old, it’s a good idea to have it evaluated. When a radon fan fails, radon can begin to enter an occupied space immediately instead of being expelled outside. Additionally, alterations to the property or system including additions, basement water-proofing, new floor cracks, new insulation or HVAC adjustments can impact your radon system’s performance. 

You should especially consider a radon system evaluation and diagnosis if you’re planning on selling and/or buying a property. High radon levels can deter potential buyers from making an offer and thus hinder the transfer of real estate.

Hiring the professionals at Airotox to evaluate your radon system in Pennsylvania, provides the opportunity to be proactive and address problems before they become detrimental. 

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