Radon Fan Replacement

Radon Remediation in Pennsylvania

Unfortunately nothing lasts forever

If you have a radon remediation system installed in your home or business, the most essential component will typically be the radon fan. The average lifespan of a radon fan is around ten years, but depending on the characteristics of the property and installation quality, it can be much shorter. At Airotox, we can replace your radon fan and ensure that it’s living up to remediation standards. 

Replace Your Radon Fan in Pennsylvania

Airotox performs radon fan replacements for residential and commercial properties in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Our experienced technicians are licensed and insured and can get your radon fan back in working condition with one visit and often with same or next-day service.

Our Process

  1. Fan Replacement: If your radon fan is vibrating and making loud noises or has completely turned off, it’s likely due to be replaced. We carry multiple types and configurations of radon fans, so we can replace your existing radon fan with a comparable model or the exact model when necessary. In most cases, we can replace your fan on the same or following day.


  1. Follow-Up Testing: After you replace your radon fan, it’s a good idea to have a test done to ensure the remediation system is working as designed. We offer discounted radon testing rates to our customers if we are contracted to replace your existing radon fan.

How a Radon Fan Works

The only mechanical component in a radon mitigation system is the fan, which does all the work. The fan is attached to a suction pipe and continuously vacuums the radon and other unwanted soil gases from beneath the lowest floor or area of the building, typically a basement, crawlspace or slab-on-grade. The radon is pulled out of the soil and directed above the house through a vent pipe where it is released into the air.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Radon Fan

Before your radon fan fails, there are several things to look for that indicate you may need a radon fan replacement. Some common signs include:

  • Loud Noises or Vibrations
  • Flat or Level U-Tube Manometer
  • High Radon Levels After Remediation
  • Damaged Fan Housing
  • On-Off Repeating Cycles or Overheating
  • Obstructions in the Vent Pipe

If you’re unsure about whether you need your radon fan replaced, give us a call at (215) 247-6869, and we’ll be happy to discuss the issue with you.

About Airotox Radon Remediation Services

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with high-quality and highly effective radon systems for homes and businesses in Southeastern Pennsylvania. We offer competitive rates coupled with experience and knowledge, backed by top-notch customer service. We have multiple technicians trained and certified in every facet of radon remediation who are passionate about providing our clients with the absolute best experience when it comes to radon remediation.

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